A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Supply Chain Ingredients

Imbibe's supply-chain management begins with our ability to quickly transition from lab formulations to full-scale commercial production. Our flavor concentrate manufacturing is the foundation of our company dating back to our inception in 1963. We routinely evaluate and source additional key ingredients from multiple vendors to ensure efficacy, food safety and supply continuity. Imbibe's quality assurance labs regularly receive pre-shipment samples of raw materials in order to review each specific lot prior to its release.

Supply Chain Unitize

Imbibe unitizes and palletizes its flavors and ingredient systems to optimize manufacturing efficiencies at production plants, and to reduce the likelihood of a measurement or batching error occurring. We closely coordinate the arrival times of each of our shipments with plant managers and production supervisors to ensure risks of loss, contamination and/or delay are minimized. Finally, each unit Imbibe creates is custom tailored to each bottling plant's ideal batch size and mixing needs.

Supply Chain Label Application Finished products in the beverage industry routinely involve multiple packaging resources. Imbibe's ability to completely manage all design, certification and procurement functions accelerates brand owners' speed-to-market. Our supply chain staff also leverages Imbibe's total company volume to the specific benefit of individual brand owners. Furthermore, our detailed working knowledge of die-lines, lead times, printing processes, labeling laws, redemption requirements and related matters allow us to best align packaging procurement with all other aspects of beverage production.

Supply Chain Distributers and Packers Imbibe utilizes an extensive network of co-packers and bottlers ranging from large public companies such as Dr. Pepper Snapple Group to many top-notch independent operators. In total, Imbibe produces beverages and dietary supplements at 45 domestic manufacturing facilities, plus a growing base of international bottlers. We are able to effectively supply the entire continental USA through the use of our network whose manufacturing capabilities include cold-fill, hot-fill, tunnel pasteurization, HTST, retort, aseptic, spray-dry and powder fillers.

Supply Chain Retail Someone thirsty is looking for something to drink. They have a choice to make and Imbibe provides good reasons to choose. Whether customers are looking for a wellness tonic or an indulgent treat, a natural diet soda or an organic nectar, the look, feel and taste of whatever they choose must be extraordinary. Every sip has the potential to turn a curious taster into a loyal consumer. This is why it takes a whole company to build a beverage right.