Beverage Flavors

Since our origins in 1963, Imbibe has been creating our HeadStart Library™, a company resource recording of all of the beverage flavors and beverage formulas. We continue to expand our flavor library by constantly exploring new fruits and spices from around the world, and by investing in new extraction emulsion and filtration technologies. Imbibe's beverage flavor R&D is a proven industry leader which recently developed a new range of beverage flavors designed to mask the off-notes associated with many functional ingredients and sweetening systems currently challenging beverage brand owners.

Imbibe does not ship generic flavor samples to customers. Imbibe custom formulates market-ready beverages which are presented for our customer's review and approval. Imbibe has always recognized how essential it is to specifically match the exact flavor(s) and beverage application together. Ultimately, the taste of a finished product either drives business or drives a beverage brand out of business. Over the course of our 50 year history, Imbibe has built the industry's most integrated flavor chemistry and beverage applications laboratories. By coordinating both of these technical disciplines, Imbibe is able to create the results upon which leading beverage marketers rely.

Imbibe can quickly transition our labs' new flavor creations to full-scale commercial production, allowing our customers to be leading innovators in their beverage categories. Speed-to-market is further enhanced by Imbibe's daily interaction with most major beverage bottlers across the country. By unitizing and palletizing our flavors and ingredient systems, Imbibe promotes manufacturing efficiencies and helps reduce the risk of batching errors occurring at production plants.

Imbibe's HeadStart™ Flavor Library

acerola coffee nutmeg
amaretto cola orange
apple cream orange cream
apple cinnamon cucumber papaya
apricot cucumber passionfruit
açaí cupuaçu peach
banana dragonfruit peach mango
bergamot elderberry pear
berry fruit punch peppermint
blackberry ginger pineapple
black cherry ginger ale piña colada
black currant ginko biloba pomegranate
blueberry goji/wolfberry quillaia
blueberry pomegranate açaí grape raspberry
blue raspberry grapefruit raspberry lemonade
bubblegum green apple red currant
bubblegum cherry grenadine root beer
bubblegum martini guarana rose
butter cream guava rum
cactus lime hazelnut sour cherry
camu camu honey dew spearmint
cantaloupe jasmine starfruit
caramel key lime starfruit
cassia kiwi strawberry
cayenne lavender strawberry blueberry
cherimoya lemon tamarind
cherry lemon lime tangerine
cherry cola lime tea
cherry grape mandarin orange tonic
cherry lime mango tropical
cherry vanilla margarita tropical dragonfruit pineapple
chianti marshmallow vanilla
chocolate melon watermelon
chokeberry milk thistle white grape
cinnamon mint yumberry
citrus mixed berry yuzu
clove mountain berry and more...!
coconut noni