Sports Nutrition

Sports Drinks

Turn-key development and commercialization solutions

In this highly crowded market space, brand owners must focus their activity on identifying, articulating, and promoting the differentiating aspects of their products to make them stand out and drive purchase intent. In order to maximize their return on investment, entrepreneurial startups and established brand builders turn to Imbibe to develop, commercialize and supply their finished products. Imbibe's broad reaching network of co-packers, combined with our product development capabilities, allows us to provide solutions across many product types and packaging/filling options. Imbibe offers aseptic and retort capabilities for low acid products, dry blend filling from individually portioned sachets to large multi-serve tubs, and both hot and cold fill beverages in virtually every bottle or can configuration available in the marketplace today.

In the sports nutrition category, Imbibe primarily develops custom formulations to meet the specific requirements of its customers. We also offer "off the shelf" formulations for use with our control brands or to be converted to private label, such as:

Hydranut™ natural hydration drinks derive their electrolytes from coconut and contain more potassium than a banana. Naturally sweetened with sugar and Stevia, these naturally fat free, 50 calorie per serving drinks come in pomegranate berry, mandarin passionfruit and pineapple.