Since our creation in 1963, Imbibe has relentlessly focused on mastering the art of carbonated soft drinks. This wide ranging category features a handful of "core" flavor types (such as cola, root beer, orange and grape) and a much wider range of creative combinations, authentic variations and niche specializations. In all instances, differentiation comes through minute differences that make one product stand out from another. Imbibe specializes in understanding the components that drive these differences, and develops products that identify and highlight the particular nuance that help products stand out. Whether it be strengthening the spice note of a ginger ale, optimizing the ratio of caccia to cream in a cola, or highlighting the cooling wintergreen notes of a root beer, Imbibe is uniquely suited to helping brand owners create soft drinks that stand out.

Once the formulation is finalized, Imbibe can supply either concentrate or finished product in a range of packaging options, including 12 oz cans, 20oz bottles, 2 liter PET or bag-in-box syrups for fountain operations.