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Vitamin Mix

vitamin mix

NutriAid™ was created to promote and restore the basic balance of trace minerals found in the fluids of the human body. By supplementing these trace minerals with carefully selected vitamins and other nutrients in our optimized dietary supplement formula, NutriAid™ helps to activate the ionized conductors of the body's electrical current necessary to activate and improve body function.

NutriAid™ is easier and more pleasant to ingest than traditional vitamins, dietary supplement pills or capsules. Consumers have voted with their wallets at the check out registers - single serve stick packs are the strongly preferred packaging for powdered beverages.

Add the contents of a NutriAid™ "stick" into 4 to 6 ounces of water and enjoy the fruity, effervescent taste of this healthy blend of minerals and vitamins.

Product Specs
Key Ingredients Vitamin and Mineral Blend
Process Powder Fill
Unit Packaging 23mm Flexible Film
Unit Label Printed Film
Case 30 Sticks
Case Material Printed Cardboard
Flavors Orange, Raspberry, Lemon Lime

Category: Powdered Drinks

Product Details
Size 9.26 g
Container 23mm Stick Pack
Container Wt. 9.26 g
Units/Case 30
Carton Length 3.75
Carton Width 2.75
Carton Height 5
Carton Cube .03 ft³
Carton Weight .612 lbs
Cartons/Case 12
Units/Case 360
Case Length 15.69
Case Width 8.75
Case Height 5.75
Case Cube 0.457 ft³
Case Weight 7.35 lbs
Cases/Pallet 96
Cartons/Pallet 1,152
Units/Pallet 34,560
Pallet Length 48
Pallet Width 40
Pallet Height 51.522
Pallet Cube 57.222 ft³
Pallet Weight 756 lbs
Minimum Carton Order 3,456
Minimum Case Order 288
Minimum Pallet Order 3