Functional Beverages

Great taste and consistent bioavailability

Functional Beverages

Functional beverages are successful when they meet two key criteria – delivery on claims and great taste. Imbibe's development expertise ensures our products do both. When creating these beverages, Imbibe works with standardized herbals, extracts, botanicals and other functional ingredients from reputable sources to guarantee consistency and quality of these key materials. Equally important in developing these products is understanding the impact the processing of the beverage will have on the functional ingredients, and accounting for this impact in the formulation to ensure both the ultimate bioavailability of the ingredient and the adherence to the stated nutritional content. When scaling up functional beverages from the lab to production, developers often forget to account for process-related degradation, ending up with beverages that don't contain the stated amount of functional ingredients or don't provide adequate bioavailability to deliver an efficacious dose. Imbibe's decades of experience developing functional beverages ensures that the end product delivers exactly what our customer requires, each and every time.

Imbibe can custom develop a functional beverage to meet your specific requirements, and offers a wide range of products ready for the store shelf, available with control brands or suitable for private label:

Hydranut™ natural hydration drinks derive their electrolytes from coconut and contain more potassium than a banana. Naturally sweetened with sugar and Stevia, these naturally fat free, 50 calorie per serving drinks come in pomegranate berry, mandarin passionfruit and pineapple.

• Sold in 30 count boxes of stick packs, NutriAid™ was created to promote and restore the basic balance of trace minerals found in the fluids of the human body. By supplementing these trace minerals with carefully selected vitamins and other nutrients in our optimized dietary supplement formula, ResurgenC™ helps to activate the ionized conductors of the body's electrical current necessary to activate and improve body function.

Kickstart™ 2 oz. shots are a concentrated and portable line of dietary supplements that satisfy consumers' high-priority functional needs: Energy, Hangover, Virility, Weight Loss and Joint Relief. Kickstart's™ packaging options give retailers and consumers two choices that are both popular and profitable.

Fit 'n Trim™ weight management products offer a compelling value proposition when compared to the leading national brands. Available in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, Fit 'n Trim™ come in boxes of 24 individually portioned pouches or multi-serve tubs.