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Food Service Concentrate Machines

Profit from our creativity

Imbibe is known in the beverage world for its ability to combine creativity and innovation into pragmatic, affordable solutions that create value for its customers and consumers alike. Nowhere is this approach more relevant than in the foodservice arena, where operators are relentlessly focused on increasing average check values and creating incremental purchase opportunities while managing operational complexity and limited prep space. Imbibe works with its foodservice customers to fully understand the challenges and limiting factors the operator must contend with and integrates this information into the products we ultimately develop. Its one thing to have a great tasting, on trend product, but if the staff can't prepare it consistently and the outlets have to add new equipment to make it then it doesn't offer a compelling solution. Imbibe understands operational realities and ensures that every product we create for our customers meets their creative, financial, and operational goals.

Imbibe offers a variety of different foodservice beverage delivery systems, ranging from bag-in-box concentrates for fountain dispensers to flavored syrups for pump applications to add-water dry mix systems. We specialize in creating new offerings that leverage existing equipment, allowing operators to expand their menu options and increase their per-serving profits:

• For a regional, Mexican fast casual chain, Imbibe developed a line of "Aguas Frescas" designed to rotate in to the tea urn already present in each outlet. Made by dumping a container of syrup into the urn and adding water, these products offered a profitable, yet in inexpensive to make, rotational item for summertime promotions.

• For a convenience store operator, Imbibe utilized its proprietary technology to create sugar free, frozen carbonated beverages with a full sugar flavor profile.

• For a QSR operator, Imbibe converted a popular retail tea into a bubbler application by matching the flavor profile and creating a custom concentrate sold in a bag-in-box format.