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Sabrozo™ Horchata stems from a time-honored delight that combines cinnamon, vanilla, rice and milk in an enticingly sweet and creamy drink. A twist on its Hispanic origins, Sabrozo™ Horchata is a traditional beverage with an original flavor. The appealing taste, convenience and authenticity of Sabrozo™ will indeed be as memorable as your own traditions.

Product Specs
Key Ingredients Milk, Rice, Cinnamon, Natural Flavor
Process Retort
Unit Packaging 9.5 oz Glass
Unit Label Shrink Sleeve
Case 12 Bottles
Case Material Printed Cardboard
Flavors Original, Mango

Category: Dairy

Product Specs
Size 9.5 oz
Container Glass Bottle
Container Wt. 512 g
Units/Case 12
Case Length 7.25
Case Width 10
Case Height 6.25
Case Cube .262 ft³
Case Weight 13.54 lbs
Cases/Pallet 140
Cartons/Pallet N/A
Units/Pallet 1,680
TI 20
HI 7
Pallet Length 48
Pallet Width 40
Pallet Height 49.25
Pallet Cube 55 ft³
Pallet Weight 1,946
Pallets/Truck 22
Cases/Truck 3,080
Cartons/Truck N/A
Units/Truck 36,960
Weight/Truck 42,819